Wilbur's Music Links Page
Blues, Harmonica, Piano, Whistles and Music

Harmonica Sites

[BB] Harmonica.com - Happy Harpin...lessons and more

[BB] RW Designs.net - Get Your Harmonica Gold Plated

[BB] Harmonica Lessons .com - A "GREAT" Harmonica Site

[BB] Hohner USA

[BB] The Harp-L FAQ -

[BB] Mel Bay Harmonica Instruction

[BB] Blues Harmonica for Beginners - by Javier Argomedo

[BB] Glen Weiser's Harmonica Harmonica Tune Books..(Irish and American fiddle tunes and Harmonica Instruction

Piano Sites

[BB] Piano Music Info - FREE piano music/instruction/mp3s...a great place to get online help for your piano playing

[BB] All Pianos.com Page -

[BB] Piano Nanny.com -Online Lessons and other fun Stuff

[BB] Blues Piano - Blues Piano Links page

Blues Sites

[BB] BluesWEB: The King Biscuit Time Page - Tons of info on bands and performers

[BB] BluesNet Home Page - One of the best Blues sites

[BB] BluesWEB

[BB] The Bluesharp Page - The history of Blues Harmonica

[BB] Craig Erickson (Band page) - Craig's Band Site....

[BB] Harmoni Blues - Lots of info on blues bands and everything blues....

[BB] Harry's Blues Lyrics and Tabs -

[BB] Blues Directory... - Huge Blues directory of links organized by category

Music Sites and Personal Page

[BB] GuitarPlayerWorld.com - I fyou use GuitarPro tablatures...check out this page

[BB] The Wandering Whistler - Penny Whistle Music and Info

[BB] King's Harmonica Quintet - Quintet playing Classical music

[BB] Ain't Whistlin' Dixie - Traditional Music for Penny Whistle and Ocarina

[BB] Virtual Tunebook - Irish and Celtic Tunes

[BB] Gaelic Music

[BB] Mark's Harmonica Heaven

[BB] Music Dealer's Network...contains discussion forums

[BB] Biospira Fish Tank Page Use Biospira to start your fish tank without a deadly Ammonia cycle!!